Find my articles on The Conversation

My writing has been featured on I F*cking Love Science and Science Alert.

My research has been featured in Time magazine, The Daily Mail and I F*cking Love Science too!

Can chocolate improve your memory? – ABC NSW Mornings. 28th March 2016

Research Check: does eating chocolate improve your brain function? The Conversation, February 26th 2016

Diet on the Brain – All in the Mind. ABC RN. 25th October 2015. <- You can get a podcast of this too!

Sugar junkies: why do we crave the sweet stuff? – Life Matters. ABC RN. 11th February 2015.

What happens in the brain when you no longer need the information you’ve learnt? The Conversation, 19th January 2015,

Do we really only use 10% of our brain? The Conversation, 1st August 2014,

Drug erases painful memories in miceABC The World Today, 26th May, 2014

If at first you don’t succeed … part of your brain makes you try again – The Conversation, 6th December 2013 (Interviewed Expert)
o Radio interview ABC Melbourne 774

Putting it off: Some ideas about why we procrastinate – The Conversation, 13th November 2013,
o Radio interviews – ABC Sydney 702, 4BC Brisbane, ABC Hobart 936, SBS news

• What is déjà vu and why does it happen? – Book Chapter: “The Explainer: From Déjà Vu to Why the Sky Is Blue, and Other Conundrums” – CSIRO publications, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia, October 2013

Deep brain stimulation: a fix when the drugs don’t work – The Conversation, 14th May 2013
o Radio interviews – QUT radio

Breaking bad habits: classical conditioning and smoking – The Conversation, March 6th 2013

• Explainer: What is déjà vu and why does it happen?– The Conversation, January 10th 2013
o Radio interviews – ABC Sydney 702, ABC Local “Summer nights”, SBS “Generation X Y and Us”.
o Featured in Australian Science

Are you furious? Body cues tell us more than faces – The Conversation, November 30th 2012
o Radio interview – Radio Australia

Remembering to forget: how to erase unwanted memories – The Conversation, October 2nd 2012
o Radio interviews – ABC Canberra 666, ABC Melbourne 774, ABC Adelaide 891, ABC Hobart 963, FBi Radio
o Featured in Australian Science


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