Pipette dreams

I’ve had a crazy few weeks. The kind of weeks where now I look back and I’m sure I’ve forgotten to do something fundamentally important, but to be honest if it was really that important I’m sure my phone will stop working, or my credit card will get rejected whilst buying $18 worth of nothing in Coles (oh wait, actually that did happen on Sunday)…

But anyway. So there was the big build up to doing TEDxSydney, which was an amazing experience. I got to stand on stage at the SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE! One of the most iconic buildings in the world!! And if you want to see me talking your can go through to the livestream Here and scroll through to like 7 hrs 10 mins in and look at my face talking at you. They haven’t yet broken down the TEDxYouthSydney section into individual videos.

Then this week I did a talk at Nerd Nite Melbourne on the impact of diet on the brain. I love doing chilled out, informal talks, there’s something really liberating about presenting my research with a beer in one hand and the microphone in the other!






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