Stuff I’ve done recently

I’ve got a performance review this week, so I should reflect on what I’ve managed to achieve / discover in the first month of my new job.

  1. Wrote 3 grant applications – this was unsurprisingly exhausting
  2. Managed to finish my ethics application, this was arduous as expected
  3. Got a paper accepted that was previously rejected by the same journal – this made the achievement all the more sweet. Like seeing someone crawl their way out of a bad place to come back shining. Or getting asked out by someone who previously ditched you. All the wins. The bitter wins. I was particularly proud of the diagrams in this paper.
  4. I doubled my PR in back squats in CrossFit. I also managed to go to CrossFit multiple times and not die.
  5. Oh yeah the TEDxSydney thing (will talk more on this when I get the chance – this is just a list). Also, yeah I know, they totally left off my doctorate. Obviously because I look so fricking young…
  6. Managed to successfully interact with a variety of people
  7. Attempted to recruit my lab group via twitter
  8. Discovered I get really travel sick on trams when I’m on them for more than 30 mins. So it’s basically an hour of me staring out of the window and doing odd air gulps. So now I have an office in the city too as I can walk there. Riding around on the 86 tram
  9. I’m sure there’s more…

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