2016 so far



So, 2016 has been pretty exciting so far! I’m currently based in Toronto – at University of Toronto Scarborough Campus, learning lots about electrophysiology.

It’s also the most wonderful time of the year for researchers – grant writing season. It holds a special place in our hearts when you pour away hours of your life into writing beautifully crafted grants, with a < 12% chance of success. Awesome.


However, I’ve just had 2 papers published this week that focus on sex differences in memory and motivation in rats that are exposed to high-sucrose diets through adolescence. What do you know, girls ARE better than boys at spatial memory (after being exposed to sucrose). For once, we can thank our ever fluctuating hormones for something that isn’t feeling moody, or menstrual cramps. And also, congratuations to Kirsten for nailing her first 2 publications. Now, get that grad school scholarship.

New publications from my lab:

Abbott, K.N., Morris, M.J., Westbrook, R.F. & Reichelt, A.C. (2016) Sex-specific effects of daily exposure to sucrose on spatial memory performance in male and female rats, and implications for estrous cycle stage


Reichelt, A.C., Abbott, K.N., Westbrook, R.F. & Morris , M.J. (2016) Differential motivational profiles following adolescent sucrose access in male and female rats



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