Merry End of Semester-ness

It’s nearly the end of semester. I’m wrapping up experiments. I’ve achieved a lot this year, aside from some “blips” where I got a bit down about everything.

Lab outputs

Alanna got a 1st class honours in her bachelors degree and Vimi got a 2.1! Super chuffed for them both.

I presented our research at – Winter Neurobiology of Learning and memory (Utah), Society for Study of Ingestive Behavior (Denver), International Society for Neurochemistry (Cairns), Inter-University Neuroscience and Mental Health Conference (Sydney), and I’m off to Switzerland next week for a symposium at EPFL, Lausanne.

Kirsten presented at Frontiers in Neurodevelopment Symposium (Sydney).

I got awarded a NSW Young Tall Poppy and SSIB New Investigator award…

Failed miserably at securing funding this year. Boo 😦

Next year is going to be hectic…

Jan-April – I’ll be in Toronto at UTSC working with A/Prof Blake Richards! So excited to be learning new techniques, undeniably worried about dying of frostbite.

While I’m in Canada I’m hoping to travel about a bit to visit some lab based buddies at NYU / UMich. See how the other half live…

I’ve also got grants to write, gotta pay the research bills…



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