Just say no

Today marks the end of what I have been fondly referring to as “hell week” at work, and although it has been tough, it’s now over. Hell week arose by my own fault of saying “yes” to too many things, and then realising that there was no way I could do these things in combination at the same time. This included – giving two talks on work I have never presented before, helping out with a conference, undergraduate lecturing, two undergraduate neuroscience practicals, running 6 hours of behavioural training per day with new rats and finishing up two manuscript drafts.

So, somewhat sadly I realised that something had to give, and it was either my sanity or some of the tasks I’d managed to agree myself into. Rat training got delegated to sullen looking students, talks got written, lectures were given, volunteering with the conference was sternly rescinded and those manuscripts can wait til next week. It is really hard to say no to stuff but I realised that I need to put things into perspective about what really I am capable of doing, and also not letting myself get into this mess again. I will be calling upon my spirit animal, Grumpy Cat, more often from now on.

grumpy cat


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