What would I do if I wasn’t a scientist…

One of my students asked me the other day what I’d do if I wasn’t a scientist. It firstly put me into some sort of existential crisis as I’ve been doing this for over a decade, and genuinely had no idea what having a “normal” job would be like. I definitely have issues with working under a manager, I like working for myself, or at least having my own project that I’m pursuing. I certainly dislike micro-managers. I think I have quite a good business mind though, so I’d do well being self employed. In the end I think that I’d realise my dream of owning a really awesome small bar. It combines the elements of enjoying alcohol, being able to listen to music that I like, making cocktails and socialising. In fact when I was a student I managed a bar on campus and I’m pretty sure that qualifies me to own a bar.
So that’s my “if science doesn’t work out for me” plan.


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