Top gun

One of my favourite Australian colloquialisms is the word “gun”.
Urban dictionary says:
“you’re a gun”
Australian slang for “you’re a champion”, meaning you’re the best or you otherwise very good at something.

I love it, because it makes me think about Top Gun, and wearing Ray Bans aviators and leather jackets, walking into a room and people thinking that you are the shit, and being all round awesome at something. I aspire to get called a gun by as many people as possible now.

In Australia you can be a gun at many things. The cafe I like to go to on the way to work was advertising for a “gun barista” the other day.

I got called a gun the other week at work. My “gun worthy” skill – being awesome at perfusing rats. If you know what that means I’m sure you’d be both happy and somewhat amazed by my ability to do that.

Anyway, I’m totally taking the use of the word gun back to the UK with me. I want my students in Reichelt lab to be top guns too.


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