Eye update, right eye, perfect vision

I had my right eye procedure yesterday, and I am astounded by the results already. The surgery took about 30 mins compared to the 60 mins on Wednesday (not that I remember anything, thanks drugs). I think because it was so much quicker, less staring at the light and less dryness, so my vision improved so rapidly, my vision was immediately clearer and less murky than Wednesday. No changes in eye pressure (both eyes 17).
I went for my check up and both eyes are seeing 20/15, and my binocular vision is 20/10!! Better than perfect. This time last week I was something like 20/1000…

By yesterday afternoon I was able to comfortably watch TV and this morning there is little difference between the quality of vision between my left and right eye. I’m so pleased with the results, I can see now how Visian say you could potentially go to work the next day (I’m on holiday leave as I don’t want to get lab crap in my eyes while I’m in the potential infection risk period).

So, umm, yes. I now don’t know what to do with all my left over eye correction relics (glasses, contact lenses). I also can see so well at night, no more bumping into doors, shoes, sinks or any other inanimate objects. I can see the clock at night.


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