Eye based update – 72hrs post surgery

Three days post left eye surgery. My pupil is still tiny, Lewis says I have David Bowie eyes as it looks a different colour in comparison to my right eye. Cool. The pupil constricting drops must be so strong for it to be still so constricted 72+ hours post surgery.

Vision is surprisingly good, particularly in bright light (hello sunny Sydney), probably because of my tiny pupil. Low light is more difficult, again, tiny pupil. I reckon it’s about 20/30 as it seems improved from Thursday when it was 20/40. Not as crisp as my right eye with it’s contact lens in.

I am feeling pretty chipper to be fair. My eye feels dry in the morning, but the eye drops sort that right out. I went to the gym yesterday to do CrossFit which was probably overly ambitious as it’s usually pretty killer. I would say I did the class at about 50% effort and the rest of the time gossiping and showing people my wonky eyes, to be honest I’ve been pretty bored cooped up at home so I mostly just wanted to get out. Managed a 2 hour Skype meeting about research grants, but staring at a computer screen definitely wore my eyes out faster than usual. Managed a spin class this morning that was hideously sweaty, I’m taking it pretty easy though as I usually go hard at the gym.


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