I’m getting my eyes fixed (part 2)

On Wednesday morning I had my eye operation to insert an ICL into my left eye. My operation was scheduled for 8am and I was told to get to the clinic for 7.15am. I set my alarm for 6.30am, which was pretty pointless as I spent the best part of the night awake with a combination of nerves and continuing jetlag.

On arrival at the clinic I was met with a bunch of forms to sign and then was ushered into one of the consulting rooms where I had a lot of drops put in my eye by one of the ophthalmologists. She also issued me with a hair net and plastic overshoes, and stuck a red dot sticker above my left eye which made me feel special. The eye drops were a mixture of local anaesthetic and drugs to massively dilate my pupil. My eye pressure was taken and it was normal (I think it was 12, and normal is 10-21) I also met with my anaesthetist as the procedure is done under IV sedation, and my surgeon came in to say hi again.

I managed to control my nerves up until the moment I was lead into the operating room. The room was pretty similar to a dental suite, with a huge reclining chair, a microscope hooked up to a flatscreen monitor on the wall and several happy looking surgical nurses. A tourniquet was put round my right arm ready for the IV. I decided now was the time to tell the anaesthetist that my veins go into hiding when they are needed and I then started shaking uncontrollably. One of the nurses put a blanket over me and told me it was all going to be fine, I felt a quick scratch in the back of my hand and then I was off to lala land.

In all honesty I felt nothing. When I started coming round I could see lots of whirley shapes in the eye that was being operated on. I had a sticky sheet over the rest of my face which normally I’d be bothered with, but wasn’t in the slightest. The surgeon must have been in the very final stages of the operation and asked me if I could see the microscope light. I could see a blurry light. And a crescent moon shape, which I decided to talk to. It was a bubble in the viscoelastic gel stuff. Not much sense was uttered, the surgeon told me to stop talking to the moon. When it was suctioned out I drooled “bye bye moon”. He asked me if I could see anything, the fuzzy light shape looked red so I told him I saw a red light and that the moon had gone.


Anyway. I was lead to the recovery room feeling utterly fantastic. That’s tranquilisers for you. I was told that the operation took longer than usual as there were some problems loading the lens into the applicator and I was in there for nearly an hour. It felt about 5 minutes to me. Again, cheers drugs. I was also told that I was very chatty during the operation and was gibbering on about all kinds of things. I would be embarrassed but to be honest, I expect this kind of weirdness from myself. I managed to take a photo of my wonky eyes and ate about 4 biscuits and drank tea whilst feeling very chipper. I was informed I would probably start feeling ill once the drugs wore off.

eyephoto 1

At this point my vision was fairly crap. I could see things clearer than before through my left eye (but to be honest, I can’t see anything other than blur) but everything was very murky, like looking through dirty water.

One of the nurses had called Lewis to come pick me up and they discharged me into his care. I then started feeling very nauseous and dizzy, thanks tranquilisers, and as soon as we got home I flopped onto the sofa. I managed to eat a sandwich and drank some water, Lewis helped me with my eye drops and then I fell asleep some more. I started getting a stabbing headache and took a neurofen.

At 2pm I had to go back to the clinic for a check up. I felt rotten, like when you have to act like a functional adult when you’ve got a hangover. I really just wanted to be horizontal on the sofa watching Bachelor Pad or some celebrity gossip show. I felt nauseous and got given an anti sickness tablet which kicked in pretty quickly and stopped some of the dizziness. My eye pressure was checked and was 13 – normal. The surgeon came in and examined my eye to ensure the lens was in the correct position. I was told everything looked awesome, although I felt like I might throw up so didn’t exactly care. I attempted an eye test and couldn’t see anything other than C A T which I pretty much guessed from the general shapes and I think was 20/100. Still, an improvement over my non-corrected vision where I’d probably be looking at the back of a door.

More flopping about on the sofa occurred as soon as I got home. My eye felt gritty but not painful. My pupil was massively dilated until at least 7pm when I noticed that it had started shrinking and took my next dose of eye drops. By 9pm it was like a pinprick (and still is). I decided bedtime was calling. I debated sleeping in my right lens (I have contact lenses I can sleep in, useful for plane trips and festivals) but decided to take it out.

eyephoto 2

I woke up at 6am this morning to a throbbing headache. I also noted that I was able to see the numbers on the clock, not a red glow that I’m used to. Had a minor panic that my eye pressure had spiked and I should call the clinic. My eye was a pinky colour and pretty sore. Decided to put my prescribed eye drops in and take some panadol and wait it out as I had a check up in a couple of hours anyway.

My left eye vision isn’t great, it seems like everything has a sepia hue and was a bit dark and blurry. Kind of like a vintage Instagram filter. Not the “wow” factor that some of the adverts have shown.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset
The world looks a bit like this currently

I managed to haul myself to the eye clinic, I still felt a bit wobbly on my feet due to my blurry vision in my left eye. I had my eye pressure tested (14, still good) which was a relief. My vision was then tested and I managed to read the 20/40 (6/12) line, and then 20/30 (6/9) line with a lens, which showed that the ICL hasn’t over-corrected my vision (so the remaining blurriness isn’t because the lens has made me long sighted).

So, all is good. I’m pleased overall so far, I’m just waiting for my iris to dilate and swelling to go down. No real pain, sometimes a bit of a gritty feeling and general fatigue from the procedure. Fingers crossed the improvements continue… Right eye is hopefully being done on Monday.


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