Writing my soul away


I haven’t posted a blog for ages. I would love to say I have been busy with science, but in reality I have been consumed with grant writing, worrying, submitting grants, worrying some more, considering a new occupation as a personal trainer (hey, if I can get a rat to press a lever, I should be able to get a person to do press ups), worrying, and generally losing sleep. Ah academia.


Fellowships are out soon, pray for me please. I like Australia – please don’t deport me!. I’m still an avid Twitterer, so I am likely to be posting shite on there. I’ve also tried to make a Tumblr as I’ve found some pretty sciencey pictures. I’ve also been writing publications, but that’s by-the-by.

Here I am looking knackered from Crossfit

Also, I got a chapter published in this book (on deja vu!).


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